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In a down-to-earth way we work with exporters of food and beverages from Europe, and with providers of expertise, among others in agricultural / environmental oriented technologies.

  • Expert in Export: European producers of fresh and frozen food, wine and other beverages. We assist small and middle sized companies in exploring the Hong Kong and China markets. As difficult as this may seem nowadays. We also advise them in how to present their products in order to be more successful. We connect them with buyers, we help them to take care of the logistics, paperwork and customs clearing processes.
  • Brand development: We assist companies in brand development for the Chinese market. Brand names, but also image that matches the target customer population, and sales presentations. We are also able to actually "test the water" for your brand in a very pragmatic and cost effective way.

  • Product and label optimization: If you, as a manufacturer or producer, really want to understand how to change the preparation and presentation of a product, in order to be successful in China, we can work with you and spend time with your design and production teams. We have taught slaughterhouses how to cut certain products (and why!), we have visited wine label designers and worked with them hands-on, we even advised in the development of food processing machines! Especially clients who have a vision on long term, work with us in projects based on an enduring partnership. 
  • Investors and partnerships: We frequently explore business opportunities in Europe for Asian investors. There is growing interest in investments in production methods and equipment in the agriculture, horticulture and aquaculture sectors, and in waste and water management. The emphasis on food safety, continuity and sustainable/green production is getting stronger. We bring our clients in contact with manufacturers in Europe for information and business visits, which we can arrange, and assist them to make this a success. 

  • Dutch expertise (agriculture, water, environment): Dutch expertise in areas such as dairy farming, horticulture, water management and clean technology is highly valued in China. On frequent basis our partners request us to seek partners, find experts, and facilitate knowledge exchange opportunities in these areas.

  • Product Liability, Product Recall and Business to Business disputes: Within and beyond the area of import, export and trading, we are able to assist your company in matters regarding product liability, claims, product recall (including recall plans and preparedness), and resolution of business-to-business disputes. Jacques has been working on these matters for most of his 20+ years' career with international insurers and a global risk consulting firm, before he joined Black Stallion B.V. in October 2018.


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