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Black Stallion B.V. is a limited company subject to Dutch law and through its founder embodies more than 20 years of experience in the export of fresh, frozen and processed food and beverages from Europe to Hong Kong and China.

Apart from being an export and trade company Black Stallion B.V. also provides practical assistance and export related consulting, for businesses in both parts of the world, that intend to expand their horizons. 

Since October 2018 Jacques Timmers joined the company. Black Stallion B.V. is now also able to provide consulting and coaching to smaller and medium sized commercial customers regarding preparedness for, and managing of product related crisis situations, such as product liability claims, product recall and business-to-business disputes.  


Black Stallion B.V. is located in the "Green Heart" of the Netherlands. Within Europe, the Netherlands are a great base, with easy travel and logistic connections to all of Europe and beyond, good infrastructure, a mostly multilingual population, and an export-oriented, business-minded environment.   

Talk with us directly, work globally!

Our company is intentionally small, agile and flexible. We keep our overhead expenses minimal, which means that our services are available at a very competitive rate. Depending on the type of services, different pricing arrangements are possible.

We can take decisions instantly. We don't have a big internal organization or corporate bureaucracy. You work directly with the people who actually do the business.  


We are a lean and agile company. For different types of advice and services, such as logistics, legal and finance, we work with a network of long time relations with service providers, advisors and experts in various European countries. We know these professionals personally, and they know us.

For over 20 years, the founder of the company has built up a selective network of reliable and loyal customers and business partners in Hong Kong and China.

Strategy on markets

We have a defined strategy which is different from many others companies. Just as an example: Beijing or Shanghai are not our first focus as starting points for business in China. There are several reasons for this.

For many imported products and services these two markets are already oversaturated. Although our network does not exclude Beijing and Shanghai, most of our customers find that other parts of China can provide equal or better opportunities, reliable business partners, more loyalty between buyers and suppliers, a bigger chance of growth and a better return on the investment of developing the business.

Also in this respect we can make the difference for you. Our network covers first, second and third tier cities all over China, and of course Hong Kong and Macau. In addition, we have several very good contacts in Taiwan and Vietnam.


Black Stallion B.V.

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