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April 2023: It looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, smells like a duck, so what is it... a trade war weapon?

Avian flu (HPAI) is present in most European countries now throughout the year, as well as in Northern America and most other exporting countries. Even South-America, that got away with it for a long time, now reports its own new cases. 

As a result, some Asian import markets have closed their doors in practice almost constantly, for many of the countries and regions from which their direly needed food comes from.

Whether to allow vaccination of livestock or not, has been a contentious issue around the world for many years. There are vaccines, the risks for animal and consumer seem minimal to none. But allowing the import of frozen meat from vaccinated animals or not, has become a weapon in political games of favoritism and protectionism. In the meantime the potential sources of imported products are getting very thin. Plus, as a recent development, there is now serious talk of allowing EU products from vaccinated animals to be traded within the EU/EEA markets. 

It will be extremely interesting to see how the import markets, mainly in Asia, are going to respond to this in the next 6 to 18 months. Can they afford - from an internal-political viewpoint - to keep the gates closed? And for how long? 

June 2021: Opening up the export world

Import markets in China and Hong Kong have taken their share, not only in Covid-19 related restrictions but also due to veterinary concerns related to African Swine Fever and Avian Influenza. Although also some of our buyers were forced to hold back as a result, we see things getting slowly back to normal now. Several European areas can export their poultry products to China again. Buyers, for whom we operate as dedicated sourcing agents are open to offers, especially on frozen poultry and pork products. Don't hesitate to contact us.

Previous news items

March 2020: ProWein Düsseldorf 2020 postponed

We just learned that, due to the concerns regarding COVID-19, the ProWein 2020 expo in Düsseldorf has been postponed to a date that will be announced later.

We will be in touch with our suppliers directly if and when business for the wine and spirits export picks up, and as soon as we have new customer requests. In the meantime, we hope you all get through this safely on the personal side, and also find your way through this period businesswise. 

February 2020: COVID-19, French strikes, ProWein expo, new mini-website for risk consulting (Netherlands)


Like almost every company, our operations also feel the impact from the COVID-19 virus and how businesses and governments react to it.

While logistics in the destination countries are currently difficult, our relations in Asia and we have been able to still accept limited numbers of containers with imported goods, although the situation may change if existing restrictions are lifted or new restrictions are implemented.  

French strikes and other "actions"

Also, in the fourth quarter of last year and the beginning of 2020, container logistics from or via France have been severely impacted by strikes, so-called "actions" and blockage by CGT and other trade unions and by "Yellow Vests". These disruptions of the economy and infrastructure, although endemic and seen by many as part of French culture and identity, have now become dangerously destructive, especially hitting French sea ports, logistic hubs, and France's export. 

We instruct our logistic companies to avoid France if they can, and some of our importers are asking us now to investigate sourcing from other countries than France.  

Cold meat export from France has been almost impossible for months now. Massive numbers of reefer containers with frozen food are stuck with producers, or get stranded with forwarders, and in the ports like Le Havre, Bordeaux and Marseille. 

Despite these hurdles, we are one of very few companies that have been able to keep exports from France to Hong Kong going, be it in limited numbers. 

ProWein 2020

We are planning to visit ProWein 2020 in Düsseldorf, Germany as usually on the opening day (Sunday March 15th), and we plan to meet with our usual suppliers. Given the current situation in Hong Kong and mainland China it would be realistic to say that for the next few months no new products are demanded. However, for malt whisky and spirits like grappa, we may use the interim period to prepare sending samples and to get feedback on the product, packaging and presentation. We will be happy to discuss this with you. 

New website for risk consulting (Netherlands)

We just launched our new mini-website, in Dutch, for experience based consulting on risks from business-to-business situations. Specialism includes general and product liability, preparedness for and managing of product recall crises, reputation risk and "insurance archaeology" for long-tail risks like environment and asbestos related workers' claims. You can find this new website here.     

January 2020: Exploring opportunities for Australian exporters

How a wedding visit can trigger new opportunities. We are currently in Tasmania, and as it sometimes goes, we found products here that are certainly within the interest of our partners in Hong Kong. Who knows where this will lead to... More news to follow. 

July 2019: A high end gin and an award winning blended whisky made their way into the Chinese market

We have successfully assisted a producer of a high end London style gin as well as an award winning blended whisky to introduce their products into the Chinese market. First pallets have been shipped and the products have been well received. While regulations in China keep changing frequently, we keep working with the producer in this matter. 

November 2018: New shipment of our popular Riesling on its way

For a number of years, Paul Anheuser's Niederhäuser Pfingstwiese Riesling has become an ever more popular white off-dry wine for the south of China. The current stock of product is as good as sold out, but there is good news. A new shipment is on its way, and due to arrive in December. Please contact us if interested.

November 2018: Searching for smaller and mid-size producers of duck, geese and turkey meat in Eastern Europe

Black Stallion B.V. is reaching out to small and medium sized producers in Eastern Europe, especially Hungary, Slovakia and Romania. We have already several meetings scheduled in the first week of November. We are looking for opportunities for a more efficient production of products that are desired in the China and Hong Kong markets. Please contact us if you are a producer and like to talk with us (if you are an agent or trader, please don't waste your and our time, thanks).

October 2018: Our first Scotch Blended Whisky and a brand new London Dry Gin are introduced to the Chinese market

As of October 2018, Black Stallion B.V. has introduced two new products to the Chinese market: a Scotch blended whisky with an excellent quality/price ratio and a brand new London style dry gin from the Netherlands. Both products have been presented to test panels first, and both were highly appreciated. 

The whisky is special because instead of the mandatory 3 years, several of the malts from which it has been composed have aged 5 years. It has won several awards in Europe. Comments from customers have been unanimous: it offers an excellent ratio between quality and price. The whisky is rich, yet soft and very palatable.

The London Dry Gin is a new product, developed by one of the best known distillers in the Netherlands. After its introduction it has won several international awards, among which were prizes for Best New Product and Best Bottle Design. The consumers that were involved in tastings before introduction were especially surprised by the rich floral aroma (thanks to the 13 traditional herbs), and the smooth taste and palate, in spite of its 45% ABV. 

Black Stallion B.V. has helped the producers of these products with all steps of the introduction, from organizing tasting events and other initiatives to test the market, to getting the products approved for import. The latter was a very important, but strenous process because both products were new to the Chinese market. 

In the meantime, the first shipments have now arrived in China, and a substantial part was already sold before arrival. The products are intended for commercial buyers only. 

If you are interested to know more about the products, or if you want to know how we can help introducing your product, please contact us.

July 2018

Black Stallion B.V. has been assigned as consultant and coordinator in the creation of a Western food and drink shop/café/experience center in Xiamen south of China.

April 2018: Great news for Southeastern China.

We recently selected a range of Bordeaux AOC and Bergerac AOC red wines including a gold medal winner. We focused on full bodied, yet not too heavy, red wines with a rich smell and fruity taste. The style of most of these wines is on par with the high end Bordeaux wines and (for the Bergerac) to upper level Côtes Du Rhône wines. 

Samples arrived early January 2018, we have tasted them and we made our selection over the last couple of months. These wines are definitely suitable for coastal cities in the almost Mediterranean climate in the south east of China, as well as for Chengdu. 

Orders have been placed and the products have arrived a few weeks ago. Our customers tell us they really like them and they are selling quite well now.

April 2018: New interest for European wine in some areas of China, but not in the same way as before

Since 2014 the wine export to China has been struggling dramatically due to a number of reasons, including a declining confidence among consumers and investors. The highest priced French products, which had seen a surreal price explosion in the decades before, suffered most.

Things are changing though. Recently, we experienced an increased interest from some areas in China that never were really into the traditional heavy red wines, for fresh, crispy white wines. Consumers are willing to try these and are almost always pleasantly surprised. White wines such as the more modern types of German Riesling and Silvaner, and also sweeter products such as Eiswein and Gewürztraminer see an  increasing demand with our customers.

France is no longer the wine country by definition for the Chinese. Australia and New Zealand have already been in focus for a longer period of time, due to the tax advantages they enjoy in China. But also wine (and food!) from Italy has bean "hot" for quite a few years. Germany and Spain are now growing in popularity since a while too, and people get interested to explore wine from other countries as well. 

For our markets, producers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other "smaller wine countries" like Luxemburg and Slovenia, who want to know more are kindly requested to contact us.

August 2017: China visa requirements tightened

While more Chinese cities are now listed for visa-free periods for transit travelers, the Chinese government has tightened its visa requirements for tourists and business travelers from many European countries. Especially the proof of a reason to return to the home country (financial status, employment) has been sharpened. As a rule, tourist travelers now have to submit a letter from their employers. We strongly recommend that you check carefully with your travel agent, visa office or the official China Visa Application and Service Centers that are present in many countries. 

June 2017: Alcoholic beverages

Some of our buyers are interested in Italian grappa, blended whisky and similar spirits. We are inviting small or mid-size producers to contact us. The producers that we already work with, have been contacted in the meantime.

May 2017: Duck and pork products

We see an increased demand in duck products with some of our clients in Hong Kong, and we will soon produce a more detailed list or demanded products here. The prices for pork products remain low, but due to various circumstances it is unpredictable if and when these will pick up.

Producers (or their direct representatives) of pork feet, large duck feet and especially duck tongues (!) are kindly requested to contact us. We have clients with frequent solid demand.

Pork exporters are holding their products, in anticipation of better prices. Apart from the uncertainty that this brings with it for you, you may still consider talking with us.

May 2017: Searching for small scale water and waste treatment and urban farming solutions

Based on requests we received earlier, we have further developed contacts in two provinces of China when we visited in May 2017, with businesses that seek solutions for: 

  • small scale waste and waste water treatment for a street, or a block of apartments, or a small village
  • drinking water production, filtering and purification for a household, or a block of several households
  • horticulture: urban farming solutions, closed system based, either in containers or in deserted industrial or public buildings

If you are interested to discuss your product or service in this respect, then please contact us. 

Note: We work only with actual producers and their official representatives! 

We receive many e-mails every day from so-called import and export traders, sub-traders, sub-sub-traders etc.    Do not waste your and our time. We delete unsolicited spam e-mails unread.


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