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What our business is about

So many rules, so many regulations, so many unwritten rules too. Especially in our business with so many different jurisdictions, such as Europe and Asia, in particular China and Hong Kong S.A.R. Who wants to do business in these areas, not only needs to know his or her way in this jungle, but also needs a solid, reliable and relevant network.  

What does it take to achieve this? Endurance, honesty, legitimacy, hard work sometimes and above all, the ability to keep enjoying the fact that it is all "people's business". With the good and the not-so-good aspects of that. We are only able to do that because... we enjoy it. That's what we wish for you too, right now:  

Enjoy your day and your visit to our website...

Black Stallion B.V. has three main activities, and a fourth one will commence soon.

  • We provide services in the areas of export of food and beverage, agricultural products and expertise, from Europe to Hong Kong and mainland China.
  • We are the dedicated sourcing agent for a number of Chinese importers.

  • As a separate activity since 2018, we are able to consult clients in Europe on subjects related to product liability, recall and related subjects (we have a separate website for this, please click here).  

  • We are planning to be a resource for producers of wine and derivated liquors in the "traditional old world wine countries", and from the "even older wine countries" in Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Caucasus area, to introduce their products to wholesalers and the rettail market in the Benelux countries (Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxemburg). More will be announced soon, by June 2023, but we don't mind giving a little hint about how we think to do this: 

  1. We will be matchmakers, rather than traders. Once a good contact has been established between our client (the producer/exporter) and desired market parties, and the business starts taking off, we will in principle step out. But of course we will remain available to further assist our clients as needed.
  2. We will especially be able to assist smaller producers/exporters, who believe that there are more effective ways of introducing their products than hiring an expensive stand at the great wine-expo's, and spend days after days in places like Cologne, Bordeaux and Verona. Our favorites are the passionate, dedicated producers and traders who offer products with a story, products with something special. That can be their particularly high quality products at a reasonable price, rare varietals, their unusual/traditional vinification methods, but also the unique history of the vinyard, the town or the region. 

Enough for now about this. There will be announcements soon. Let's have a look at the businesses that use our services:


European customers use our services in exporting their products or services to Hong Kong and Mainland China. Many of them are medium sized businesses that have little experience and resources to research and develop their export possibilities themselves, and who don't have their own local agents.

Chinese customers frequently request us to source products from Europe. Depending on the situation and the preference of our customers, we may either act as an intermediary, trade on their behalf, or for our own account.

Aspiring exporters frequently seek our consult about market demand, product selection, presentation, regulatory requirements and logistic aspects in China. 

 How we work and what we add

 Common sense and short lines.

We are good listeners and down to earth. You'll work with us personally and not as a number in a customer relations system. Our customers and suppliers like to work with us because it is easy, effective and fun.

Long-term relationships

As a customer, service provider or supplier, you will find out  that doing business with us is not a one off thing, but that we invest in long term cooperation. Most of our business relations exist already for many years.


Our added value

Practical aspects such as regulations and procedures, and differences in business culture between East and West are sometimes an obstacle for companies to seize opportunities that are definitely there. Our goal is to help you bridge that gap. 

Convincing by results

We hear this almost every day: exporters from Europe are getting all kinds of promises from traders, consultants and buyers, when it comes to exploring the markets of Hong Kong and China. Much time and money is lost there, because many efforts don't come to fruition. 

We are different. We are realists. The world is complex and ever changing. We don't like to create expectations that can't be made true. 

Our approach

It is usually necessary to find out the reception of a product on a small scale first, before an exporter can possibly know if Hong Kong, China, or an other Asian country  is a good market for the product. Many businesses prefer to skip this step, because they don't have customers or contacts who are interested to invest time and effort on a step-by-step basis. Instead, they try to develop business with a party who they meet on the Internet or a trade fair, or who 'by coincidence' walks in and promises the heaven and earth. Too often, after sending a load of free samples, they never hear back from them. 

As a result, Asia sometimes looks like a territory where only the big companies can succeed. As if Asian consumers, who can afford imported products, only buy the big and famous brands. However, for many quality products of smaller brands, the chances may be a lot better than one might think. The only question is how to find out what works and what doesn't. This is where we can help.

What we promise is that we work for our customers as hard as we work for ourselves. And we are pretty good at it. We prove value to our customers and to our suppliers, not by wild promises, but by what we actually achieve.

Your Opportunities (yes: both words with a capital)

Successful products that we are currently sourcing for clients and/or exporting for European customers

  •  Duck and geese feet
  • Pork products, including hind and front feet, masks, ears
  • Chicken feet and paws
  • Wines and grape-based distillates from Central and Eastern Europe
  • All subject of course to price, regulations, the necessary certificates etc.

Examples of other services that we offer

  • Sourcing for our clients in Asia
  • Assisting producers with the optimalization of the product for the specific markets so that they represent more value, and so that price-wise the actual product/transportation cost ratio can be improved as well.
  • Assisting the suppliers with the necessary paperwork and monitoring the process. 
  • Advice and consulting regarding the presentation of products (i.e. labeling, graphics, colors, label text and ingredients declarations) for the Asian market, both from a regulatory as from a commercial point of view.
  • Contract and product risk consulting.

 Discover Your Opportunities

Contact us, ask us what we might do to assist you, and keep checking this website every now and then, because it will be updated frequently.

We hope to talk with you soon!   


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